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Project: Song Writer Application

songwriter_iphone*1.3 added feature! Now you can create song sections in the edit text area! Such as… Verse, Chorus, Bridge and Custom. This will help you construct a great song!

*also we fixed the space between the play and record button!

*we also fixed an alignment issue when the song was emailed!

A simple, sleek, and effective way to write and record your songs. When inspiration hits make sure you’re ready with Song Writer! Be  Update Element  autifully designed with the artist in mind.

Write your lyrics and chords as you would on paper, then record a sound bit; play your guitar, piano, or just humm the melody that’s in your head. Draft the entire song right on your iphone or email it out to yourself and friends to work on later.

Song Writer lets you keep all your projects right in your pocket because you never know when inspiration will hit … jot lyrics when walking on the beach, on a ski lift, before you fall asleep in bed, anywhere!

Don’t be without Song Writer when you have that great idea for a song!

Great for Poets too!

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