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Project: PK Curve Application

PK-Curve_iphoneappThe PK Curve app is your pharmacokinetic resource for your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Select the route of administration, number of compartments, and input profile and PK Curve will calculate the Cmax, AUC and t1/2.

Then PK Curve will draw the concentration-time profile using linear and logarithmic y-axes.

Then you can save the PK Curve and email the settings, parameters, and both the linear and logarithmic graphs to yourself or a colleague. Great for students, industry scientists, consultants, and anyone interested in pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences.

Use PK Curve to quickly demonstrate the effect of:

  • changes in clearance due to a drug interaction
  • changes in oral absorption with an extended release formulation
  • changes in exposure with increased bioavailability
  • changes in volume of distribution

PK Curve includes the following PK models:

  • 1-compartment IV bolus administration
  • 1-compartment IV infusion administration
  • 1-compartment oral 1st order absorption
  • 1-compartment oral zero-order absorption
  • 2-compartment IV bolus administration
  • 2-compartment IV infusion administration
  • 2-compartment oral 1st order absorption
  • 2-compartment oral zero-order absorption

PK Curve calculates the following parameters for each model:

  • Cmax – Maximum plasma concentration
  • t1/2 – apparent terminal half-life
  • AUC – Area under the plasma concentration-time curve

PK Curve presents the plasma concentration-time curve with a linear y-axis and a logarithmic y-axis.

pk-curve-1 pk-curve-2