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Project: Crazy Buttons & Sounds Pro Application

crazybuttons_iphonecCrazy sounds and Buttons Pro has an extensive library containing PREMIUM QUALITY SOUNDS.

Different Categories available with variety of sounds and buttons in each category, I bet you will enjoy Pressing and listening to it and more then that Prank and entertain your friends too.


Over 100’s of Crazy sounds and buttons
Divided into categories!

Easily navigate through each page by swiping your finger across the screen

  • Play pranks on all of your friends
  • Entertain others with soothing effects of musical instruments.


Categories Include:

Movies, Musical Instruments, Say It, People, Around Home, and Animals.
Sound clips of your favorite movies, wide variety of musical instruments, Prank your friends with ‘Say It’ category with sounds like ‘loser’,’nah nah’,’I am sorry I cant’,’do It’ etc.

And Lots and Loads of entertaining plus funny sounds …….

crazymain crazy2 crazy3 crazy4 crazy5