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Project: Betsizer Application

betsizer_anroidappnew* Do you bet on sports? How much per bet? $50, $100, $500, $1000?

* How do you decide how much exactly to risk per bet? Do you use your gut, a crystal ball, how many times your cat licks himself in an hour?

* Why not use a proven mathematical formula?

* BETSIZER: Size your bets in order to maximize your return on investment.

* Use the money management method utilized by MIT card counting teams, professional bettors and hedge fund managers.

* How does it work? Just add the inputs: 1) Your bankroll size, 2) your estimated probability of the bet to win, and 3) the casino payout odds, then hit calculate. The Betsizer uses its bet optimizing formula and tells you how much to bet or whether to lay off and not bet.

* The Betsizer uses a time tested math formula which relates edge and odds to bet sizing for optimal investment. In fancy-pants mathematical terms, it maximizes the geometric mean.

* Achieve mathematically proven increased long term performance over other bet sizing methods such as straight flat bets (where every unit is the same) or progressive bets (where units grow or decrease with the bankroll).

* The Betsizer calculator outperforms flat betting in the long run by performing much better during very good seasons (winning more) and very bad seasons (losing less)

* Betsizer also conveniently provides a lower, risk-adjusted amount to bet if you are unsure of your estimated win probability or if you are risk adverse and cannot stomach short term drops in your bankroll.

* The app will also tell you when to lay off a bet if the payout odds are too low and/or the edge is too small (or the edge is in the house’s favor).


* Five betting calculators to manage your investments: Betsizer Calculator, Expected Return Calculator, Parlay Betsizer, Return on Investment Tracker, and Win Percentage Tracker.


* More $$$$! If you are a talented bettor, maximize your return on investment. If you are an average or below average bettor, minimize loses to your bankroll over time.

* Know exactly when to lay off a bet based on implied edge and casino payout odds.

* Know how much to bet on a parlay or when to lay off the parlay and not bet at all.

* Track your performance to determine your handicapping skills. Are you as good as you think you are?

* Track the performance of handicappers, if you have purchased the skills of a professional handicapper to determine your estimated probability of win. Is the handicapper as good as he says he is?

* Since bet size is a percentage of your existing bankroll, assuming no minimal bet, you can theoretically bet forever without ever adding to your bankroll size from outside sources.

* How much money is in your current bankroll? Don’t you want to protect it from poor money management?

* Buy BETSIZER now and increase your return on investment!


* For entertainment purposes only. Betsizer is a calculator, not a gambling application. You cannot place bets through the app.

* Please, never, ever bet more than you are prepared to lose.

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